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Generally speaking, its best to avoid wearing your jewellery in water with high level of chemicals such as chlorine and sulphur. The chemicals may cause the jewellery to corrode or tarnish. If you accidentally wear your jewellery in swimming pools, spas, hot tubs or any other high chemical water, its best to remove it immediately afterwards and clean it with mild soapy water or jewellery cleaner to help preserve its appearance and ensure its longevity. 

Taking your jewellery off is a great way to avoid any potential damage or breakage while doing activities like working out, gardening, house hold chores and intense sports.

It is normal for jewellery to start to look a little dull over time. To give your jewellery that extra shine, you can use the polish cloth that was included with your purchase or a microfibre cloth. To use, gently rub the cloth over the jewellery to buff out any surface marks. Doing this regularly will keep your jewellery looking fresh and like new!

Make sure you’re not storing your jewellery in your bathroom or anywhere with excessive moisture. The box your jewellery comes in is the perfect safe place to keep it while its not being worn.